My week holiday down south ended just as it was time to receive the July Sourced Box. Talk about perfect timing! And this months box of healthy goodness was well needed after a week of stuffing my face with pizza, doughnuts & probably too much alcohol.

Let’s get right into it.



Despite it being a ‘snack box,’ I always like to incorporate the products into my meals and it’s mainly my lunches that I do it with the most. In the July box, there are three snacks that are lunch worthy. These beetroot & horseradish activated crackers by Saf Raw are crying out to be dipped into some houmous. They’re a brilliant source of protein and fibre! Something else that tastes great with houmous are the rosemary & thyme pitta chips. They would also make a great alternative to crisps as would these peach crisps by The Giving Tree. These freeze-dried peach slices are one of your five-a-day and super light & delicious.



My favourite section of the box. This month I felt incredibly spoiled for choice! I had never seen ‘healthy’ biscuits before so I was eager to try the lemon & ginger tea biscuits by Rhythm 108. I’ve already eaten them and can confirm that they’re delicious. I’m also really excited to try this coconut flapjack by The Living Food Kitchen. Flapjacks are one of my favourite sweet treats so I just know I’m going to love it. This month’s box also satisfied my snack bar needs with this Wild Trail seed & nut bar and a raw cacao orange protein bar by BodyMe. Admittedly I was a bit reluctant to try the latter since orange chocolate is probably my least favourite flavour but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.



Of course, no Sourced Box would be complete without providing me with some bits & bobs to add to my breakfasts or rice salads. For the latter, I’ve been adding these tamari roasted soya with chilli snacks by Clearspring. They’re great for some extra added protein and taste delicious too. For breakfasts we’ve got a sachet of the good berries superfood powder by The Good Guru and a packet of cacao dusted tiger nuts by The Tiger Nut Company. I had never heard of tiger nuts before and fully intended to add these to my porridge, however I ended up eating the whole packet one evening. Maybe that was for the best though since it turns out that they’re not actually nuts but root vegetables! Finally, of course we have to have a drink to wash all of these snacks down with and this month we’ve got this lemon & lime energy water by Virtue. I had never tried energy water before and I will admit that it wasn’t the best tasting thing – maybe because I’m not a huge fan of lemon & lime flavouring – but it made a nice change to just drinking plain water.


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