I first discovered Squirrel Sisters through Sourced Box a few months ago and I have been obsessed ever since. Unfortunately, it has proved hard to get my hands on the snacks but thankfully both Sourced Box and new snacking service My Vitamins have sorted me out a few more times with these divine bars. I recently got to try the coconut cashew flavour and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.


Suitable for both vegans and coeliacs, these bars of joy are both super delicious and super good for you. The only ingredients in these little beauties are dates, cashews, coconut, sultanas, almonds & sunflower seeds. Since dates are the primary ingredient, they’re fairly similar to nakd. bars but the extra ingredients give them a bit of a different texture and make them a lot more filling.

Being a lover of coconut I knew that I was going to love this. The coconut flavour was stronger than I had expected but that made me love it even more. So, if you’re not a coconut fan this flavour definitely isn’t for you. Combined with the cashews, the flavour is nothing but pure heaven.


Despite there being two separate bars and the nutritional value given being for one, I always eat them both in one go. One just simply isn’t enough. However, if you are feeling generous I suppose you could share the other with a friend. That just isn’t an option for me though. I DON’T share snacks, hahaha.

One of my favourite things about these bars are the packaging. Sad, I know. Served in a little tray, it gives the snack a bit more of a fancy and indulgent feel. Speaking of indulgence, I highly recommend the cacao brownie flavour. Out of the three I’ve tried that one is my favourite by far (the raspberry one is also pretty good).


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