I feel as if my blog posts have been all over the place recently and for that I apologise. Having now started uni, I’ve been in the process of trying to find that balance between my studies, social life & my YouTube/blogging. It’s harder than I thought but I promise I will not let the latter falter!

Anyway, I thought I’d write up a classic ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ to keep my blog ticking over for another few days.



This is the perfect representation of what my breakfasts usually look like. Fruit just thrown on top! One of my go-to breakfasts but with a bit of a twist. I usually have soy milk but my Mum bought me coconut milk by accident. I’m not overly fussed with it in my coffee but with my Weetabix (and also my porridge) I really liked it. The coconut gives it that bit more extra flavour.


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This morning I opened up the Timehop app prepared to read whatever embarrassing things I was saying 5 years ago but instead was greeted with a pleasant surprise. This time last year I reached the healthy weight range for the first time in about two years. Yes, I still wasn’t 100% healthy but it was still an important part of my recovery process.


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This is a bit of a spontaneous post but I feel as if these are always the best kind as it’s what is on my mind right at this moment in time. I recently watched Melanie Murphy’s latest ‘Food Diary Friday’ and it really got me thinking. Her Dad recently had a heart attack and in the video she talks about the changes both she and her Dad are making to their diets and also touches on the idea of becoming a ‘reducetarian‘ – someone who reduces their meat intake.

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Today I wanted to talk about something that isn’t at all food related. I know that this blog is primarily a platform for me to express my love for food and balance, but sometimes I want to share with you what else is going on in my life.

This week I said goodbye to my very lengthy summer holidays and said hello to a whole new place – university. In school I was never overly fussed about going to uni. I planned on going to college to study childcare and become a nursery teacher. Like many though, my plans changed and I found myself leaving the course behind and going on to study media. Two years later I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom having just completed a three day uni induction. The future is certainly unpredictable.

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It’s no secret that I’m a foodie. This blog and my Instagram both play a big part in my life and allow me to share my passion for healthy eating. However, there is much more to me than just my love affair with food. Having had this blog for a few months now, I’ve came to realise that unless you watch my videos on YouTube you may not know that much about me. Well, the time has come for that to change. Here’s a few things that will allow you to get to know me a little better.

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Like many around the world, I find myself on YouTube several times a day watching other people’s lives from the screen of my laptop and phone. Over the years the content I watch and people I follow has changed as I’ve grown older. Someone who I have been watching for about two years now though is Melanie Murphy. She is currently my favourite YouTuber and is someone who continues to inspire me. I thought I’d give you a bit of a lowdown on what she’s all about and why I think she could be of great help to any of you struggling with eating problems.



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