Summer is over and my favourite time of year is now upon us. Sourced Box have started Autumn with a bang with a delicious range of new snacks to try. The colder months also means that chocolate has officially made a return to the box!

Here’s a look at what was in the September box.



I was wondering when it would be time for ‘Tapped‘ to appear in Sourced Box. I’ve seen this brand all over social media and am so glad that I finally get the chance to try one of their products! I’ve tried birch water before and I really liked it so I have high hopes for this. This one has bilberry & lingonberry in so I expect it will taste a bit more fruity than the plain stuff. I also really like the packaging. It’s a carton in the shape of a can! We also have another appearance from ‘Teapigs‘ with their rhubarb & ginger tea.



As I mentioned, chocolate has made a comeback! They briefly stopped including it in the box over the warmer months but now that the weather is beginning to cool it’s being welcomed back with loving arms. These are two brands that have featured in Sourced Box before. I loved the ‘Sweet Virtues‘ truffles and had been praying that their chocolate thins would be included in a future box. As you can see, my prayers were answered. We also have another treat from ‘Pana Chocolate.’ This mini vanilla raw chocolate bar will be the perfect evening treat.



My breakfasts are in for a treat over the next few weeks. We’ve got a throwback to the first Sourced Box back in January with another ‘Wyldsson‘ trail mix. This one is barberries & green raisin and makes a handy snack to just throw in your bag when you’re on the go or as a porridge/weetabix topper. If you’re wanting to give your meal an extra boost of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants then a sprinkle of these quinoa sprinkles by ‘Louola’s Superfood‘ are perfect! This sample pot is a mixture with chia, cacao & gogi berries.



I’m a sucker for raw snacks. There’s just something about the mixture of fruit & nuts that is divine. One of the things I’m most looking forward to trying in this months box are these salted caramel bliss balls by ‘Halo Wholefoods.’ I love protein/energy balls and salted caramel so this is really a combination made in heaven.

A few months ago we were introduced to the ‘Hangry Food Co.‘ when their cocoa snack bar was included in the box. This time around we have the berry one. I’m really happy that they decided to include another one of their bars since I really loved the cocoa one but haven’t been able to find the bars anywhere.



I’ve frequently seen these ‘Emily Fruit Crisps‘ in Holland & Barrett yet have never actually tried them. I originally thought they would just be like your typical fruit crisps but they’re really not. The oil used makes them super crunchy and a great alternative to your usual crisps. We also have another brand that I’ve never heard of before, ‘The Beginnings.’ I’m always down for trying healthier alternatives to my favourite sweet treats so I’m looking forward to trying these cookies. I imagine they will make the perfect companion to my afternoon coffee.



This month Sourced Box co-founder Niomi Smart released her first ever cook book, Eat Smart. As a little extra in this months box we have a sample of coconut oil by ‘Coco Fina‘ to go alongside one of the recipes in the book itself. The postcard features the recipe for Niomi’s Japanese mushroom miso hot pot. Being a huge lover of Japanese cuisine, I’m hoping to try this out.




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