Sourced Box has officially entered double figures! Well, in months anyway. With a number of snack bars to keep me powering on through my endless amounts of uni work and the return of a few of my favourite brands, October’s box is by far one of the best to date.



Oh my heart. Growing up I never really considered myself a chocaholic but I think I was only kidding myself. My favourite snacks in Sourced Box are always the chocolate ones and this month has my choc fix sorted. I was really happy to see the return of Rhythm 108‘s tea biscuits. I loved their lemon & ginger ones and considering I’m usually quite picky with lemon flavoured things, I can only imagine that I’m going to adore these. There’s also a new brand of raw chocolate to try which pleases me immensely. This mini bar by Loving Earth is coconut mylk flavour and is much more beneficial for you then your usual chocolate bars, and if the other raw choc brands are anything to go by, it’s going to taste just as good.



We all know that I love my raw snack bars, so imagine my joy when I discovered not one, not two, not three, but four of the beauties. Okay, so one isn’t a bar but the Bioglan Superfood Raw Bites are as good as. I’ve tried a couple of their flavours before but not the ginger & spirulina one. They’re similar to nakd. bits so if you like them then you’re bound to love this range. Two other brands that I’ve tried before & love are Rude Health and Pulsin’. I’ve tried the pumkin bar before and it’s by far one of my favourite raw bar flavours. The cinnamon & ginger in it makes it taste like Christmas in a bar! I’m also a huge fan of Pulsin’s raw chocolate brownies, but I’ve never tried their protein bars before so I’m looking forward to giving this a try. Especially since there’s chocolate in it. The final raw snack bar is by a brand that I’ve never heard of before, The Pretty Smart Food Co. I’m a huge matcha fan. I don’t like normal green tea, but I’m all for matcha. I actually tried this earlier today and it was heavenly! It reminded me of a raw chocolate brownie. A perfectly nutritious snack with the added taste of indulgence.



Being a total foodie I follow quite a few food brands on social media. Every time there’s a new product or flavour release I secretly pray that it will be included in a future box. Nom. was one of these brands and I was so excited to see my prayers had been answered. Tomato Pesto is the newest addition to their popcorn range and having already eaten it, I can confirm that it’s delicious. Another returning brand is Chika’s. Their plantain crisps were one of my favourite snacks to be included in Sourced Box so I’m happy to see them back! This time we have some simple hand toasted peanuts. Sometimes simple snacking is all you need!



No Sourced Box is complete without some sort of drink. This month we have a sparkling cherry & acai rooibos tea drink by Cape. With no added sugars, this makes a great alternative to fizzy drinks. Last but not least we have the return of Science Kitchen. These beetroot velvet seed toasts are inspired by red velvet which is one of my favourite things so I’m excited to try these.



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