Whether I’m only just noticing them since I’m now more interested in subscription boxes or they are genuinely on the rise, there is no denying that these monthly boxes are everywhere. Think of anything and you can almost 100% guarantee that there will be some sort of subscription box for it.

For those that are interested in healthy eating, or just food in general, there are a whole load of subscriptions to choose from. There are so many that it can be overwhelming when trying to choose one so I’ve created a list in hope to narrow down your choices. In an ideal world I would be subscribed to them all! Alas, I am only subscribed to the top two in this list. However, I have searched around and found three other boxes that may take your fancy. Each are unique in their own way and the great thing about them is that most of them cost roughly the same.




Okay, you knew that this one was inevitable. Sourced Box launched at the beginning of the year and I’ve been a loyal subscriber since that very first box. Set up by YouTubers Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler, you can get a range of snacks made with nothing but good-for-you ingredients for £18.95 a month. Some brands that have featured in previous boxes include Rude Health, nom. and Raw Halo. There’s always a mixture of sweet & savoury snacks and sometimes there’s a little added extra!



A box that I have recently started a subscription with is The Vegan Kind. If you’re looking for a box that’s a bit cheaper or you want to have that 100% guarantee that all snacks included will be vegan then this one is for you. For only £10 a month you’ll get 5-8 products. What I really like about this company is that in the lifestyle box you’ll also get one non-food item. This can be anything from pin badges to candles to toiletries! If you’re more into beauty they also do a cruelty free beauty box for £15.



Now onto the boxes that I would totally be subscribed to if I had the money. Life Box have a range of different boxes to choose from. There’s even one for kids! The price varies depending on the box but for their everyday subscription it’s £19.95. You can also order trial boxes if you’re undecided on whether to make the full commitment or not. Brands that are included are pretty similiar to that of Sourced Box but in their general subscription box you can be guaranteed that the snacks are all gluten free so perfect for those with a gluten intolerance.




If you enjoy cooking then I recommend you check out Superfoodio. Not only do they include snacks but their classic box also includes a cooking ingredient and two recipe cards. Perfect if you’re looking to incorporate that ‘superfood’ kick into your every day meals and not just your snacks. From tiger nut flour to cacao powder, life in the kitchen may never be the same again.




I think Healthy Nibbles is an insanely amazing company. In addition to their healthy snack boxes they also have their own vending machines! Vending machines packed with some of your favourite healthy food brands such as nakd., Pana Chocolate and the Primal Pantry as opposed to the usual vending machines that are filled with nothing but fizzy drinks, sweets and crisps. Unfortunately I’ve yet to spot one myself but I hope they become something that is more commonly seen especially since the interest in healthy living has been on the rise.

Like Life Box there are a range of different boxes to choose from including gluten free, paleo and vegan. They pretty much cater to any dietary requirement you may have! Prices range depending on the size of the box. You can go for the mini one at £9.95 or go all out and get the super box for £49.95. They’re also currently selling Christmas hampers which would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves their healthy snacks like me.



Healthy snacking has never been easier with these kind of subscriptions. I’ve discovered so many amazing brands through Sourced Box this year and I would say that all of these boxes are well worth the money.


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