My first official box from The Vegan Kind arrived today and I am so happy that I decided to subscribe to this box. The November box has a good balance of interesting and simple but delicious products and I’m already excited for next months! Let’s take a peek at what was inside.



The first product that caught my eye when I opened the box were these peanut butter puffs by Cheeky Monkey. Could these be peanut butter crisps? That’s the impression I’m getting. I love peanut butter so I’m really intrigued by these. If the thought of these are weirding you out too much then fear not. We have some normal sea salt & vinegar crisps. Popchips are everywhere in the UK but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ridges. I’m planning on taking these to uni with me tomorrow to have as part of my lunch.



If you have a sweet tooth then The Vegan Kind have you sorted. I was super excited to see both of these products in the box. I love flapjacks and I can confirm that these by The Foods of Athenry are delicious! I may have already opened them. There are a good few in the packet and they have a “slight gingery kick.”

This next thing is what I am the most excited about. I’ve seen these cookies by Lenny & Larry on Instagram and have always thought they looked amazing. Unfortunately the only way I can get them is online so have never actually had the opportunity to try them. But now I can! This cookie is birthday cake flavour which ties in perfectly with The Vegan Kind’s third birthday.



Vegan and missing Nutella? Fear not! Mr Organic have you sorted with this dairy free chocolate and hazelnut spread. I’m not 100% vegan but I haven’t eaten Nutella in years. It’s not that I don’t like it, I really do, there’s just always been other spreads I’d rather have like nut butters. This gives me the perfect opportunity to hop back onto the nutty chocolate spread bandwagon. Most of this will probably be used as a porridge topper.

Finally, the non-foodie item of the month is this avocado lip balm by Fruu... Avocado? Sounds odd, but you’ll be thankful to know that it isn’t just purely avocado. There’s avocado oil in it alongside coconut oil, mango & aloe vera.


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)



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