The penultimate Sourced Box of 2016 has arrived. I can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone. I can’t wrap my head around the range of new snacks I’ve tried over the past 11 months and most of it is all down to this beauty of a subscription.

Anyway, there will be time for snacking reflection next month. Let’s dive right into the November Sourced Box.



Who would think it possible that so much goodness could be packed inside these three packets? First up we have these apple crisps by Spare Fruit. I’ve tried a few different brands of apple crisps and I must admit that these are the best ones I’ve tasted to date. This pack provides you with one of your 5-a-day and make a great substitute to normal crisps. Another snack that would make a great substitute are these slightly peppered coconut curls by Ape. I’m a huge fan of the lightly salted ones but have yet to try this flavour. I must say that I’m very interested in finding out how peppered coconut tastes.

Lastly we have the return of Munchy Seeds, this time with their omega sprinkles seed mix. I loved adding the chilli seeds that were included a few months ago into my rice salads and that’s exactly what I will be doing with these ones.



We all know I’m a sucker for anything raw. Well, almost. I’m not a fan of raw chicken and the like. In November’s box we have three raw treats to be devoured. The first are these Raw Health lemon & chia balls. All that’s in these are dates, coconut, almonds, agave syrup & chia seeds. Nothing but goodness. My boyfriend often asks me what’s so great about these sorts of snacks being raw. The answer, courtesy of Raw Health, is that it “ensures the nutritional properties remain as much as possible in tact.” Nutrition content can often change when met with heat so these raw snacks are usually prepared at low temperatures.

Now for a brand that I have been wanting to try for ages. Raw Bite are fruit & nut bars also made with a mixture of dates & nuts (plus a few extra good-for-you ingredients) and come in a  range of different flavours, some more interesting than others (spicy lime anyone?). I have the coconut flavour which may not be as intriguing but I’m certainly not complaining as coconut is one of my favourite flavours.

Lastly, we have a little bar of raw chocolate by lovechock. I consider myself a bit of a chocoholic these days so this excites me a lot. This one is pecan/maca flavour. Maca is a superfood powder and is rich in vitamins and other nutrients such as calcium. Pecans are also one of my favourite nuts so I don’t doubt that this will be a love!



My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. The only reason I like going to sleep is that I get to fast forward to it! This month Sourced Box have supplied me with the goods to make a delicious, slightly more indulgent morning meal. As lame as it may sound, porridge is one of my favourite foods and is something I have for breakfast most days. So, this packet of multigrain porridge by Stoats is right up my street. This isn’t just any ordinary pack of porridge though. These oats also have chia seeds in with them making it extra nutritious. The perfect topping to this porridge comes in the form of this little jar by Raw Ecstasy. This little pot of glory is basically just a better-for-you chocolate spread. Made with raw chocolate and almonds, it can make plain oats turn into a pile of chocolatey goodness!



If you like milky drinks then you sure are in for a treat this month. This Halo Coco coconut milk & vanilla drink isn’t heavy like your usual milk based drinks and tastes incredibly fresh, while this superfood hot chocolate by Brontie & Co. is the perfect way to warm you up on these cold nights.


After last months box being my favourite to date, this one had a lot to live up to. Thankfully it lived up to it just fine – although the October one still beats it – and I’m happy as always with the range of snacks.


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