Raw chocolate has became one of my favourite sweet treats so whenever I get the chance to try a new brand and/or flavour to say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. In this months Sourced Box we were treated to a bar of the pecan/maca variety by Lovechock.


What is maca you might ask? Maca is a superfood powder that’s rich in a number of different vitamins as well as other nutrients such as calcium and iron. Hard to believe that a bar of chocolate can provide you with so many benefits. The packaging also states that the bar is a natural source of flavonoids which is an antioxident.

I adored the packaging of this little bar. If your product is in an inventive packet then you’re already scoring points.


Lovechock also include a little slip of paper in each bar. It reminded me a bit of a fortune you get in a fortune cookie! I like to think that the slips in each bar say something different although since this is the only bar I have I can’t say for sure.


Now onto the important part: the chocolate itself! I’m not going to beat around the bush. This wasn’t the best raw chocolate I had ever tasted. The chocolate itself was a bit grainy, which may be due to the maca powder. There was a generous serving of pecans throughout the bar which gave the chocolate even more texture. For me it was just a bit too much. I like nuts in my chocolate, but I prefer the chocolate to be smooth itself. I also noted that there were dates in the ingredients which I thought a bit odd.

If you like your chocolate sweet then this isn’t a bar for you. With dark chocolate at 81% it was both rich and bitter. Luckily I like dark chocolate so this didn’t bother me. It doesn’t have that true chocolatey taste that I’ve found in other raw chocolate bars but it still managed to satisfy the chocolate craving.


I probably wouldn’t purchase this flavour again simply because of the texture of the bar. In saying that however, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to eating it again if it was offered!


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