It’s no secret that I love food, so it may come as a bit of a surprise to you when I say that before last weekend I had never been to a food festival before. When I first heard of Vegfest a few months ago I was eager to go and so dragged my boyfriend along with me on the Saturday of the weekend event.

Vegfest is a vegan festival where you can discover delicious vegan food, take full advantage of the free samples and get your hands on vegan friendly clothing. I’ve made it clear a number of times that I am not actually vegan, but most of my diet is actually vegan/vegetarian. I thought I would share with you the tasty treats that I bought because I definitely spent way too much money.




Of course I had to buy some raw snack bars. I’ve yet to find this brand in shops but I have actually tried a few of their flavours before thanks to my Dad bringing some home when he went to the Allergy & Free From Show earlier in the year (he’s coeliac). These Good. bars are just like your usual raw fruit & nut bars and come in a variety of flavours. They were selling them slightly cheaper than they usually are and you could buy 8 for £5. Of course I took up on that offer and picked up some of my favourite flavours as well as three of their newest flavour, COFFEE! Unlike the coffee nakd. bars, these actually contain caffeine which is great for me since I am a caffeine addict. I picked up the berry flavour for my boyfriend since he tried a bit and really liked it. That is why there are only 7 in the picture.



There were so many chocolate and dessert stalls I swore I had died and went to heaven! Raw chocolate is one of my favourite foods and so of course I had to stock up. These first three bars are by Almighty Foods. I tried a little sample of the creamed coffee & hemp bar and holy moly, it was so good! I picked up two of those bars and also the almond butter one. These will make for a perfect indulgent evening treat and the best part is that they contain so much extra nutrition than your usual chocolate bars.

Another healthy treat I picked up was this raw cookie. Unfortunately I can’t remember which stall I got it from. I’m also really excited about this coconut, chocolate, date and cherry bar by Coconut Island. This was by far my favourite out of all of the samples I tried. I really wish I went back and picked up more! It’s the perfect combination of chocolate and coconut with a subtle hint of cherry. The last chocolate bar I bought was a more ‘not so good-for-you’ one. All about that balance, right? I had never tried cinnamon chocolate before and what with cinnamon being one of my favourite things I just had to pick one up.




I also picked up some different ingredients to add to my porridge or include in some baking. A lot of recipes in my recipe books require healthy alternatives to your classic baking ingredients. These cocoa grains and cocoa powder are actually raw so retain all of their nutrition. I can’t wait to start baking up a storm with these! I’ve also been using these chia seeds in my porridge.



You can definitely tell that I’m more of a sweet person than savoury. However, I did pick up two savoury delights. The first are these jalapeno & cheddar flavoured quinoa & kale puffs by Eat Real. You guys know I’m always on the lookout for healthy crisp alternatives and these look perfect! I’ve also tried their lentil chips before and really liked them so I’m looking forward to giving these a try.

The last food item I bought was this vegan cheese with caramelised red onion. I don’t really eat cheese that often but recently I have really been missing my old favourite cheese on toast. This will also be great to use over Christmas since we always have cheese & crackers. I tried a sample of this and you would not believe that this ‘sheese‘ was vegan. It honestly tastes like normal cheese!



I also picked up a couple of non-food related items. These earrings were actually handmade by a young woman from England and you can find her etsy shop HERE. This jumper was also handpainted by Wear Your Voice. I love it and I reckon you can get away with classing it as a Christmas jumper but then also wear it any time over the colder months without looking like too much of a Christmas fanatic.



I thought I would also share what I bought to eat while at the festival. We arrived just gone 12 so naturally I was ready for lunch. I initially thought it was going to be a struggle for me to choose what I wanted but it was actually very easy. I had been meaning to check out Juice Garden for a while so I was a tad bit overexcited when I saw that they had a stall. I opted for the falafel & cashew cheese wrap which was warmed up. Perfect for a winter afternoon! This was followed by a raw chocolate brownie which was heavenly. My boyfriend tried it too and loved it. He is the last person you would expect to eat vegan food and is very much the complete opposite of me when it comes to healthy eating so I was over the moon that he liked it. And who wouldn’t? It tasted exactly like a normal chocolate brownie would. I also had a small soy latte half way through the day which was very much needed.



I will 100% be going back next year and will definitely go to both days – not so much for the snack buying but for the ready to eat food! I really wish I had the chance to try the vegan pizza or a vegan burger. If you know of any other food events like this located in Scotland, more so Glasgow, then please let me know! Probably not great for my bank account but fabulous for my taste buds.


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