My family have always done well with competitions. Some people claim that we’re ‘lucky.’ To that I say no, we just enter a lot of competitions. A LOT. If you enter them multiple times a week then you’re bound to win something eventually. This year I have mainly won snacks. My latest competition success was the Black Friday My Vitamins box. As the name suggests, this was a snack box that was on sale over the Black Friday weekend meaning unfortunatley it’s no longer available. However, you can order a similar box from their site HERE.



I’m always happy whenever I get my hands on extra ingredients. I have a few recipe books that use good-for-you/healthy alternative ingredients so I will 100% be putting this coconut flour by Goodyfull to good use and making some delicious, healthy treats. These little sachets by Bioglan Superfoods are also great to add to your everyday meals/smoothies to make them extra nutrition. I added the cacao powder to my porridge to make it extra delicious!



I’ve tried both of these brands before thanks to Sourced Box and I am super happy that I get to try more products by them. I’ve been adding these coconut & chilli roasted peas, beans & seeds by Dilly & Wolf to my lunches. They give my rice salads an extra bit of crunch and also taste good on their own too. I’ll probably also use these tamari roasted soya beans by Clearspring in my rice salads too.



It’s only natural for snack boxes at this time of year to take full advantage of the festive food that is all around. My Vitamins are no exception. Out of everything in the box I am most excited by this mince pie popcorn by Joe & Seph’s. I’ve spotted this brand in a few cinemas and I’ve always been tempted by their flavours – peanut butter, maple syrup & roasted pecan and gingerbread latte to name a few. They’re definitely a more indulgent popcorn brand.

For my fellow coffee addicts there is also this Christmas pudding flavoured instant coffee by Beanies. I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of this and still much prefer normal coffee, but if you’re into tasting a hint of brandy and are looking for a way to sweeten your coffee without adding extra sugar or syrup then this is for you.



The box included two drinks, one of which I had tried before thanks to Sourced Box. I had really enjoyed this coconut water with tropical fruits by Chi so was happy to have it again. It was especially appreciated as I drank it on a day where I was a tad bit hungover and so I really did need to ‘rehydrate’ and ‘revive.’ The other drink was one I found very interesting indeed. Raindrop is different from all your other vitamin water brands. You press down the lid to release the vitamins and then watch as the water changes colour before your very eyes! This tasted a bit like diluted orange juice.

Lastly we have a tub of zinc & magnesium vitamins. I have always thought the idea of taking additional vitamins a bit daunting so I never do but I think by including these sorts of things in snack boxes is a great way to try and encourage people to try them out.


I am incredibly thankful for being chosen as the winner of this box. Remember, in order to win competitions you have to enter them and not just every once in a blue moon! You never know what you may end up winning.


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