Sourced Box have ended the year with a bang with their last box of 2016. I can confirm that this is a good one. So for the final time this year, let’s take a look at what was in the December box.


Firstly I just want us all to appreciate the festive decoration of the box. It pleased me immensely.



One of the things that I am most looking forward to trying in this months box is this chocolate milk by Chi. It’s made with coconut milk so perfect for vegans! I’ve tried Chi’s coconut water & tropical fruits before and loved it so I do not doubt that I’m going to love this milk drink, especially since it’s chocolate. We also have another tea and this one is perfect for this time of year – gingerbread chai. I’m not a huge tea drinker, especially when it’s herbal, but you can add milk to this one by the Bluebird Tea Co. and I surprisingly enjoyed it more than I thought I would.



Two returning brands this month are the Protein Ball Co. and nakd. The gogi & coconut flavour of protein balls have actually been included before but I’m certainly not complaining. I loved them and what with my refusal of spending £1.99 on a single packet in Holland & Barrett, I could not be happier with this flavour choice. I’ve also tried these toffee nibbles before and they’re the perfect sweet treat. They make a great healthy cinema snack!

Ecstatic isn’t even the word to describe how I felt when I discovered Livia’s Kitchen raw millionaire bites in the box. I’ve been following Olivia on social media for a while and have wanted to try these for ages! They were the first thing I ate from the box and I can confirm that they are delicious. The perfect indulgent but healthy treat.



What would a December box be without some Christmas related goodies? Saf Raw make a return with their christmas pudding bites. They look a bit like nakd. bits so I’m expecting good things. The Beginnings also return with even more raw biscuit goodness. Gingerbread is one of my favourite type of biscuit so I’m super excited to try these, especially since I loved the last raw cookies that were included.

This month also holds the most exciting products to grace this healthy snack box. Sourced Box have released their very own product! I’m hoping this will be the start of a more regular feature. Being a raw chocolate addict I can’t wait to try this Christmas spice bar of goodness.



I’ve always wanted to try chia pudding but like always, find the idea of making it quite daunting. What if it goes wrong and I’ve just wasted a bunch of chia seeds and soy milk?! Well, now I have no excuse not to try it. This chia pudding by Mindfuel is dark chocolate flavoured and I will definitely be giving it a shot.

Lastly, we have this interesting combo of nut/seed butter with dried orange crisps by Jake’s Boost. I love combining nut butters with fruit but I have never actually tried it with orange so I’m intrigued as to what this will be like.


I just wanted to take the time to give a huge thanks to Sourced Box for introducing me to so many new healthy snacks and brands that are now some of my favourite. Here’s hoping 2017 brings even more nutritious and delicious goodies!




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