Today is my sister’s birthday and as is the annual tradition we went out for dinner in celebration. Usually we go to the same places but last night we went to Filling Station which is an American restaurant and bar that has recently opened fairly nearby. As we had never been before and as it isn’t an overly common restaurant chain, I thought I would write up a little review of the place.


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Mental illness. A taboo subject but something that effects most, if not the whole, of the population. I’ve been very open with my struggles with eating and yes, 9 times out of 10 I try to be positive and give my best advice to those who are struggling with similar issues. What I rarely touch on are the struggles that I continue to face on a daily basis. Every so often I’ll address an issue I’ve been trying to tackle but I want to emphasise just what living with a mental illness is like and put some reassurance in some of you that may feel as if you’re the only one ‘not getting better.’

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A year ago I received the first ever Sourced Box. 12 months later I still have no regrets about signing up to this healthy snacking subscription. I still feel that same excitement I felt that very first month whenever I receive the dispatched email.

The first box of 2017 is packed full of treats to give your body that extra nutritious boost we all feel we need after the festive period. From vegetable crisps to raw chocolate, you can start the year off on a health high.


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January. The month after the media implies that it’s perfectly okay to stuff our faces with anything and everything and  bombards us with dieting and weight loss. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly I’m fed up with it. So what if we end up putting on a few extra pounds over Christmas? Why is there this ‘requirement’ to then shred those extra few pounds in such excessive manners? Well, guess what. YOU DON’T!

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For many 2016 was one hell of a rubbish year. Things could not be more different for me. 2016 was by far the best year of my life for multiple reasons and I thought I would sum up just a few on here.

I also made a video reflecting on the past 12 months and talking about my goals for 2017 which I will link at the end.

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