The first Vegan Kind box of 2017 has arrived and it’s definitely helping us subscribers get the year to a fabulous start. After a month of indulgence most of us are feeling we need a bit of a health kick and TVK have us sorted. From popcorn to green tea, this months box will help feed your body that bit of extra nutrition.



In this time of stepping away from the Doritos and Pringles, TVK have it covered with this alternative of snapea rice sticks by Yushoi. Made from green peas and rice, these are so flavourful and moreish that you may just find yourself craving these more than a packet of crisps.  I’ve never actually tried this sweet chilli & lemon flavour before but if any of the other flavours are anything to go by then I know I’m going to love these.

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the sweeter side then this little packet of Ninas popcorn should satisfy that sweet tooth. Made with good-for-you ingredients, this would make the perfect light snack. This cacao, goji berry & pistachio flavour excites me immensely. I’m a sucker for anything chocolatey.



Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that we have to completely banish the indulgences. However, you can always opt for the better version and TVK have taken full advantage of this. These jelly beans from YumEarth Naturals are made with real fruit juice and contain vitamin C. I’m not a huge lover of sweets so I’ll probably give these to my boyfriend. I will however be devouring this mini bar of orange raw chocolate by Conscious. I’ve actually tried this bar before thanks to Sourced Box and it’s this bar that began my slow conversion to liking orange chocolate.



After drinking copious amounts of alcohol over the festive period, some may feel it time to give their body a bit of a ‘cleanse.’ This green tea by T+ is packed full of vitamins so perfect to give your body that bit of an extra boost.

I was super happy to discover Rebel Kitchen in this months box. I love their chocolate mylk and have never tried the banana one before. Typically I don’t like banana flavoured things but since this is flavoured with actual bananas and not artificial flavouring I think I may enjoy this.



This months non-edible item is this set of badges. Promote your veganism with pride! Since I’m not actually fully vegan I would feel bad displaying these so I’m keeping them just in case I ever take the plunge and become 100% vegan. However, I have put the #avocagoals badge on one of my bags!


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)



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