A year ago I received the first ever Sourced Box. 12 months later I still have no regrets about signing up to this healthy snacking subscription. I still feel that same excitement I felt that very first month whenever I receive the dispatched email.

The first box of 2017 is packed full of treats to give your body that extra nutritious boost we all feel we need after the festive period. From vegetable crisps to raw chocolate, you can start the year off on a health high.



A year ago we were introduced to Rebel Kitchen in the very first Sourced Box and now they’ve made a return with their matcha green tea mylk. Made with coconut milk, date nectar and matcha green tea, I’m very much intrigued to try this out. I was a huge fan of the chocolate mylk so I’m expecting good things. We also have a peppermint tea from Teapigs. We all know I’m not a big fan of herbal teas but I do actually quite like peppermint. The mint makes it taste more than just warmed up water with a hint of flavouring.



Two brands I have grown to love over the past year: Raw Halo and Squirrel Sisters. Raw Halo are one of the best raw chocolate brands I have tried (and I’ve tried quite a few now), so I was super excited to discover them back in this months box. And don’t be fooled by the ‘pure mylk’ part. It’s far from just plain chocolate. Raw Halo add a little bit of lucuma powder giving the bar a subtle caramel taste.

After eating this Squirrel Sisters cacao orange bar I will have tried all four flavours. I’ve loved all of their raw bars so far – the cacao brownie one still being my absolute favourite – and despite not being the biggest orange chocolate fan, something tells me that I will still enjoy this. After all, if you’ve been following these posts for a while you’ll have seen my slow conversion into liking this flavour more and more!



It’s time to get a superfood boost and Sourced Box have it covered. I eat porridge pretty much every day so this quinoa porridge with coconut, cashew & beetroot by Louola’s Superfood is perfect! The oats are gluten free too so are coeliac friendly. I’m planning on having it for breakfast tomorrow. I’m certainly going to need the boost to get through my first day back at uni.

This month’s box also sees the return of another raw energy bar & superfood powder from Aduna. This one is their moringa range packed with green superleaf. If you struggle to eat leafy greens then these two things will be of great help. I’ll no doubt add the powder to my porridge and the bar will be the perfect on-the-go snack.



I love vegetable crisps and actually prefer them to normal crisps. These beetroot & parsnip vegetable crisps by Nim’s will make the perfect accompaniment with my lunch. They’re also 1 of your 5 -a-day! Something else that goes well with lunch are these chili & garlic olives by Oloves. These were the first thing I ate from this months box and I added them to my rice salad.



If you read my last Vegan Kind unboxing post you may recognise this popcorn. Ninas cacao, goji berry & pistachio popcorn comes in such an aesthetically pleasing packet that it will almost make you not want to eat it. Almost. I still haven’t tried the packet I received with TVK but at least if I do really like it I have a second one to keep me going!

Much like Rebel Kitchen, Sourced Box have went full circle with Snact. Appearing in the very first Sourced Box a year ago, they have now returned with their apple & raspberry fruit jerky. The perfect light snack!


Sourced Box have officially kicked their second year off to a good start. It’s great to see some of the same brands coming back time and time again and reassuring to know that there is still so many other healthy snack brands out there. I’m looking forward to trying even more this year!


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