Firstly I want to apologise for my disappearance over the past two weeks. The end of last month and the whole of this month is pretty hectic. Turns out I’m not overly good with balancing uni work, a social life and my other interests and it’s unfortunately the latter that suffers most. However, I’ve made time this evening to write up my monthly Sourced Box post.

What with February being the month of Valentines Day, this months box heavily reflects that. From heart shaped snacks to indulgent chocolate, who needs true love when you have snacks?



You can always expect chocolate on Valentines Day and Sourced Box have us sorted. First we have this raw chocolate brownie by 100% Natural. These guys have featured in a previous box and after writing up a review on it the people at 100% Natural were kind enough to send me a couple of free brownies. One of them was the pink himalayan rose salt flavour which is what we have here. Don’t be put off by the rose. There’s no perfumey/soapy taste here. Pop it into the microwave for 10 seconds and you’ve got yourself an indulgent but healthy dessert. Keeping with the pink packaging theme we also have two different types of raw chocolate. The first is this cranberry kiss bar by Conscious. Sourced Box describes this type of chocolate as a bit fudgy and I must say having previously tried their essential orange flavour I agree! Lastly we have this little pack of superfood truffles by Functional Food Company. These are raspberry and beetroot flavour and would make the perfect Valentines gift for someone if you don’t eat them first.



This months drink is rather intriguing: baobab superfruit drink by Chosan. Apparently a mix of lemonade and coconut milk? I have no idea how this will taste but I’m 100% up for trying it. This months box also comes with another tea, this time from The London Tea Company. This raspberry inferno tea has a hint of chilli in it!



Since I’m at uni most days it’s always important that I have a snack in my bag to keep me going. These three make the perfect on-the-go snack to give yourself that extra energy boost! I’m so happy to see Love Raw make a return. I really enjoyed the last bar that featured in Sourced Box (I believe it was the Rosehip & Lemon flavour). They recently changed up their packaging which I think looks 100x better. I’m looking forward to trying this almond & coconut bar as they’re two of my favourite flavours. Another returning brand is Wyldsson. I’ve had a couple of these trail mixes before and like to use them as a Weetabix topper. However, you could easily pop this in your bag as the tube packaging makes it super convenient. This is the mango mix which I haven’t tried before.

I’ve spotted these Beloved date snacks in several supermarkets but have never actually tried them. These cute little heart shaped snacks are nothing but dates with a hint of natural orange flavouring. They also count as 1 of your 5-a-day!



I’m a huge fan of these snapea rice sticks by Yushoi so was super happy to discover this packet of their lightly salted snacks in this months box. These make a great substitute to crisps and are incredibly moreish. Lastly we have the return of Inspiral and their coconut pecks. These are simply air-dried raw coconut chips coated in a salted caramel flavouring. I was obsessed with the raspberry ones that were included last time so cannot wait to try these.


Another month, another range of delicious snacks. This box is definitely up there with my favourite boxes to date, probably due to the chocolate goodies!


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