I very rarely go to book signings. The idea of having to queue up just to briefly chat for a few seconds with the author before being rushed away has never really appealed to me. However, when I saw that Ella Mills (formally Woodward) was doing not only a signing in Glasgow in support of her new recipe book ‘Deliciously Ella with Friends‘ but also a Q&A session I jumped at the chance to go. As you probably all know, I am a huge believer in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and my main concern in this is always food. Ella is one of the people that continues to inspire me to eat well while also encouraging me to actually get into the kitchen and cook (something I’m not very confident with).



I usually shy away from going to events myself despite having used to always attend gigs on my lonesome. In all honesty though you didn’t have to go with anyone. There were no real lengthy queues and it was such a relaxed atmosphere that even just sitting in silence with the person next to you felt reasonable.

The Q&A session was first with a professional journalist that works alongside the Watersones Glasgow store. I must admit that her questions were ones that you would expect and ones that if you have followed Ella for a while probably already know the answers to, but it was great to hear Ella talk about healthy living and emphasising the importance of her message on a more personal level. The floor was then opened up to the audience allowing our own questions to be answered. Naturally I chickened out and didn’t ask her anything.



Then it was the signing. Unfortunately no photos were being taken due to the time limit of the event but in all honesty, I feel as if they probably would have had enough time. The event was due to finish at 10 and I got out at just gone 8 and was towards the back of the queue. However, it was nice to have a brief chat with Ella. Of course I ended up talking about her energy balls. Trust me to talk about snacks!


One of my favourite things about the evening was the fact that there were free energy balls! I’m a huge fan of them but since they are pretty pricey rarely have them. I picked up my favourite cacao & almond flavour on the way in and stupidly didn’t pick up the other two flavours. I did manage to score the hazelnut & raisin ball which was the one I hadn’t tried just as I left. Probably my least favourite flavour of the three but it was still delicious.

As for the recipe book I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of her other three. I’ve already made the pistachio & orange truffle bites and I can confirm that they are amazing and make a great snack. If you’re wanting to get your friends to try out some of Ella’s dishes then this recipe book is perfect as it is filled with delicious and super healthy food that those who aren’t so much into their fruit & veg will love. I say it time and time again, but healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.



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