Another month, another box of vegan goodies. Naturally there was a bit of a pink theme in this months Vegan Kind box due to it being the ‘month of love.’ I’m still standing by the whole who needs love when you have lots of delicious food?



The first thing we have this month are another packet of sweets. Unlike last months jelly beans, I’ve actually been eating these and they’re pretty good. I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan so of course I couldn’t give them to someone else. These kitty shaped sweets by Candy Kitten are sour apple flavour and you don’t need to worry about eating them all at once. Two or three sweets is enough to satisfy that sweet tooth.

These sweets aren’t the only fruity flavoured thing in the box. I still haven’t tried this strawberry & peach ice tea yet but I know I’m going to love it. It’s by the brand Virtue who I’ve actually tried before but I’ve yet to try their ice tea range.



It’s always good to get a mixture of sweet & savoury treats and this months box is no exception. These lentil crisps by Simply7 make something different to normal crisps. They’re bruschetta flavour so I’m assuming they’ll have a tomatoey taste.

What I love about The Vegan Kind is that they not only include snacks but other things that you can actually incorporate into your meals. This quinoa by Quinola Mothergrain has indian style chickpeas in and would make a great lunch mixed with some extra veg or for dinner accompanied with some salmon.



With Valentines Day comes chocolate. I was so happy to see this bar of raw chocolate by Ombar in the box. I’ve only ever tried Ombar’s buttons and have been eager to try one of their bars for a while now. This is one of their ‘centres’ bars and is raspberry & coconut flavour. I’ve already eaten this and I must admit it wouldn’t have been my flavour of choice. There was just a bit too much raspberry flavour in it for me but it was still nice.



You’ve got to be kind to your skin during the cold months and this little travel size guy is super convenient for this time of year. Keep your dry hands, elbows and feet at bay with this 3 in 1 cream. I actually haven’t tried this yet as I already have a hand and foot cream on the go but I’m looking forward to trying it when one runs out. It’s by the brand Human  + Kind.


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)



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