I’ve always thought very fondly of pancake day. In primary school, whenever the Tuesday before Lent rolled around, I would be ready for two little scotch pancakes topped with jam. My school must have also shared these fond thoughts as we would always have a second day titled ‘Pancake Day 2’ before the Easter holidays. My Dad would also always make pancakes for dessert after dinner and I would load golden syrup onto mine. Simple but sweet unlike my sister who always wanted to put a bit of everything on hers but was never allowed.

Yesterday my Mum made pancakes from one of those ready made mixes but I wanted to make my own. Last year I opted for Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato pancakes which I topped with banana & Sweet Freedom choc shot if I remember correctly. This year I decided to look through my newer recipe books and hunt for a new pancake recipe to try. Here I found another recipe from Ella in her new book Deliciously Ella with Friends: blueberry pancake stack.


These pancakes are super easy to make and made with nothing but good-for-you ingredients including chia seeds, oats, banana, maple syrup, coconut oil, a pinch of salt and whatever topping you please.


The recipe makes for 12 but I halved the ingredients to make 6: 3 for dessert and 3 for breakfast the next day. Remember that depending on the size of pancakes you make, the number may vary.

I decided to top mine with agave nectar and cacao nibs but I was so tempted to make the caramelised bananas. The recipe for these are on the following page and they’re Ella’s very own serving suggestion. My laziness and eagerness to eat the pancakes got the better of me this time but I’ll definitely consider making them in the future.

As I had hoped, the pancakes didn’t disappoint. The oats give the pancakes a different texture and consistency to normal pancakes but would make a great alternative to those intolerant to gluten if you use gluten free oats. The blueberries give the pancakes that extra bit of sweetness and help give them a bit more extra flavour.


These pancakes are delicious, vegan and healthy. What more could you ask for? If you’re interested in making these then check out Deliciously Ella’s latest book.


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