This year is already flying by! The third month of the year brings the third Sourced Box of the year. This months box brings chocolate, granola and ‘purple tea.’ With returning brands and new ones, this healthy snack service has us lucked out once again.



It ain’t no healthy snack box without some raw treats. This months raw goodies come from The Bondi Kitchen and Hangry Food Co. The Bondi Kitchen are a brand I’ve never heard of before but I must say that these cacao, chia & blueberry bliss balls have me excited. You should know by now that anything chocolatey is a winner in my book! Unlike TBK, Hangry Food Co. have featured in Sourced Box twice before. This is the third and final flavour: ‘Original Nutter.’ If the other two flavours were anything to go by then I do not doubt that I will enjoy this. The perfect on-the-go snack for when I’m at uni!



My favourite snacks are always the chocolate related ones and this months box has me officially SHOOK! I was so excited to see the return of Pana Chocolate. Out of all of the raw chocolate brands I’ve tried they’re up there at the top next to Raw Halo and Conscious. I’m looking forward to sitting with this bar one evening and catching up on some YouTube or Gossip Girl. And please note that I will devour the bar in one sitting and not the ‘recommended’ 3 servings.

I also almost died when I found this absolute beauty of a raw chocolate brownie by Elements for Life. I’ve actually tried a little bit of this before as it was in a snack box I got my Dad for Christmas and he let me try a bit of it. I can confirm that it is heavenly and I am so happy that I have one all to myself, although I reckon my Dad will want a little bit of this to pay him back!



Another one of Cape Drinks teas this month. This flavour is peach & lychee which is gonna be either a hit or miss. I love peach flavoured things but I’m a bit iffy with lychee flavours. I really enjoyed the cherry & acai flavour that featured in a previous box so I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

For someone who doesn’t drink herbal tea my collection seems to be expanding! I should really either throw them out or find someone who does like them. Another one by The London Tea Company, this ‘purple tea’ is limited edition and is “refreshingly tart with plenty of flavour and colour” according to their website.



These next two products will make great additions to my lunches. These pear crisps by Spare Fruit will make a fabulous alternative to normal crisps while these tamari roasted almonds by Clearspring will give my rice salads an extra bit of crunch.



I have buckwheat on the brain thanks to Sourced Box and also needing to buy buckwheat flour for a chocolate chip cookie recipe! Raw Gorilla have returned with another packet of their Munchies that have this ingredient in. I love the texture of these! They’re soft but have a bit of a crunch to them.

Last but not least, Sourced Box will be influencing my breakfast for a change. I do not doubt that this quinoa & buckwheat granola by Husk & Honey will be delicious with a bit of fruit and some soya milk.


Once again Sourced Box have outdone themselves with a fabulous range of snacks. I’m especially excited by the bliss balls, raw chocolate, brownie & granola. You can definitely tell that chocolate and breakfast are two of my favourite things.


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