This months The Vegan Kind box was packed to the brim with goodies. With a few known brands and a few new ones for me to try, this box of treats is sure to get me through these next four weeks.



We all know that my favourite type of snack is something sweet and oh have I been blessed this month. I’m not actually vegan but I do use plant based milks. They just taste 100x better than normal milk. However, oat milk is one that I have not tried before. I cannot wait to try this little carton of chocolate oat drink by Oatly. I’m a huge fan of other plant based chocolate milks so have high expectations! Keeping with the chocolate theme we also have this chocolate bar by Sarelle. This wafer bar is filled with a hazelnut cream filling. I can imagine this will taste delightful alongside my afternoon coffee.

I don’t really eat fudge that often but when I do I love it. So I was super excited to see this bar of Madagascar vanilla fudge by Melting Pot. They also have three other dairy free flavours: chocolate, chocolate & orange and stem ginger & chocolate. This flavour sounds like it was a good shout although I definitely want to try ginger & chocolate at one point.



To balance out all of that sweetness, we need a bit of savoury. I’ve tried all of these brands before. I’ve previously tried these seaveg crispies by Clearspring and love putting them in my rice salads. I know seaweed is a bit of a hit or miss but I really like it.

I was a bit weary of this smoked bacon flavour of Hoots since I usually don’t like ‘meaty’ or smoked flavouring. However, I ended up enjoying these more than I thought. The flavour is incredibly subtle. These snacks are a mixture of wholegrains and seeds and I would definitely choose these over a packet of crisps.

Lastly we have this small packet of dry roasted chickpeas by Garbanzo. I first tried their chickpea snacks a few years ago and loved them. They’re incredibly moreish and a fabulous snack high in fibre and protein. I haven’t tried this cajun kick flavour but I do not doubt that I’ll love them.



One of my favourite things about TVK is that you get products like this. This is a vegan cheese sauce mix by Terra Vegane. All you have to do is add some of this powder to soya milk and there you’ve got yourself a vegan friendly ‘cheese’ sauce perfect for mac and cheese, nachos and the like. I will admit that I’ve never been the biggest fan of cheese sauces but since this isn’t actually cheese I’ll definitely give it a try.



This months non-food item is a little bottle of coconut shower gel by Faith In Nature. You can never have too many bath products (okay maybe you can but nothing wrong with stocking up!) and coconut is one of my favourite scents. Apparently TVK featured two other scents in the box: aloe vera & ylang ylang and pineapple & lime. How lucky that I received the one that I would have wanted most!


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)



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