Apologies for this months Sourced Box post being a bit delayed this week. The end of uni means final assignments and exam study. Feeling stressed is an understatement. Do not fret though, it just wouldn’t feel right to skip out a month.


There was a little bit of extra decoration added to the box. Like the December box with the Christmas sleeve, this months box had a cute spring themed sleeve over it! I really hope they start making these more of a regular thing. I’m such a sucker for cute packaging.



I was incredibly intrigued by this months drink, an all natural energy drink by Sunsoul. I used to be addicted to energy drinks when I was in high school and still enjoy them from time to time so this excited me immensely. What intrigued me even more was the flavour though. Spiced mango and pineapple? I don’t know about you but I had never thought of combining these particular fruits with spices but I can confirm that it was actually pretty good.

Teas are becoming a regular occurrence in the box and this month we have two by We Are Tea. I’ve been slowly making my way through my stash of herbal teas as I’ve started taking one with me to my volunteering to have on my break. I don’t want to waste them and nobody else in my house drinks them so I may as well try and make my way through them. In the April box we have one with yerba mate & seaweed and a classic green tea.



Getting your 5-a-day is always a difficult task but Sourced Box always gives a helping hand. This month three of the products included can give you a little assistance in reaching that goal. Two are snacks that you totally would expect to count: freeze dried strawberries & bananas by Nothing But and a fruit snack with apple & strawberry by Crushed. The latter is bound to make you feel 5 years old again! The third however is a bit more exciting. Who knew you could get one of your 5-a-day from a flapjack?! This ginger teatox raw superfood flapjack may not taste the exact same as a normal flapjack, but can you really complain when it’s packed full with good-for-you ingredients? I can confirm that this little beauty by Creative Nature Superfoods is great. I’ve had it a few times and have even bought it off my own back before. That’s how you know something is good!



Sourced Box had me feeling truly blessed this month with this months range of chocolate goodies!! I was excited to see a brand of raw chocolate that I had never tried nor heard of before: Enjoy! Raw Chocolate. You should all know by now that I LIVE for raw chocolate bars and am always eager to try different brands, so I’m really looking forward to trying this organic coconut milk bar. The next three items are all from returning brands: The Living Food Kitchen, The Beginnings and Aduna. I laughed so much when I saw this cacao & date coconut flapjack. I recently went on a trip to visit my Grandad down in Eastbourne with my sister and on one of the days we took a trip into London. Of course I had to go into Planet Organic and I very almost bought this exact flapjack! Thankfully I opted for the coconut one instead, so now I have the two flavours to try. The banana rolls are another product I’m incredibly intrigued by and I cannot wait to finally try the cacao raw energy bar! Out of all three flavours that Aduna have, this is the one that I’ve wanted to try the most.



I’ll happily be including some of this months products in with my meals. This cinnamon granola by Primal Joy will make a fabulous breakfast with a bit of fruit and soya milk while I can imagine that these garlic & herb flaxseed crisps by Whitworths will taste great dipped in houmous as part of lunch.



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