I should probably be studying for my exam right now but alas I am here writing a blog post. I call this productive procrastination. I know you’re all eagerly awaiting a peek into this months The Vegan Kind box so I thought I shouldn’t make you wait any longer.



I’m feeling a bit of a colour theme here. Whether intentional or not, TVK sure know how to make their boxes that bit more aesthetically pleasing. However, the colour scheme is the only thing these products have in common. First up we have a packet of hemp seeds by the brand Good Hemp. High in protein & omega 3, these are perfect for sprinkling over any meal. I’ve mostly been using them in my rice salads. Next we have a packet of ‘When Bombay Got Spicy’ crisps by Ten Acre. I had never tried any of their crisps before and I must admit I’m impressed. There was just the right amount of spice. Finally, from the savoury to the sweet, we have the salted caramel coconut pecks by InSpiral. These actually featured in last months Sourced Box and I really enjoyed them so was happy to see I had another packet! These make a great healthy snack and I can imagine they would also be amazing used in baking or as a porridge topper.



I was super excited to discover this chai coconut milk drink by Rebel Kitchen in this months box. I’ve been a huge fan of all their other milk drinks and being a lover of chai tea lattes I’ve been eager to try this one. I reckon it has potential to overtake their chocolate milk.

As this month was Easter, TVK of course had to include an Easter treat of their own. This came in the form of a vegan creme egg! I finally got round to trying it earlier today and I can confirm it makes a pretty good substitute. This was made by Considerit, a brand that I have actually tried before thanks to their stall at VegFest back in December.



This months non-edible goodie was another product from Human & Kind. This conditioner is orange scented (coincidence? I think not) and is suitable for dry hair. I recently ran out of hand cream so started using the one that was included in TVK a couple of months ago and it’s pretty good so I’m looking forward to trying this out when my current conditioner is finished.


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)


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