First year of uni complete and my summer has officially began! My plans for the summer of 2017 is to drink myself into oblivion with my friends, go on my first ever group holiday without my parents, go to a bunch of theme parks with my family and hopefully spend more time making things from my collection of recipe books. Snacks will obviously be needed in between all of this and Sourced Box have me off to a great start with their May box. With the perfect mix of sweet and savoury, I can’t wait to dive in.



I may tend to lean towards the former when it comes to choosing between sweet and savoury, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate savoury snacking. Well, that may be a bit of a lie since I do tend to incorporate the savoury snacks in Sourced Box into my lunches. On first look at this snack by ‘Nuto‘ I thought it was popcorn. However, it turns out that it’s actually popped lotus seed. I have never heard of this before and am intrigued to see how it compares to popcorn. This flavour is salt & pepper and will no doubt make the perfect accompaniment to a sandwich or as a light snack. The next two snacks are both something I’ll be adding to my rice salads. I don’t think I’ve ever tried curry spiced seeds and as a curry fan I’m looking forward to trying these ones by ‘The Toasted Seed Company.’ I’ve tried a few different flavours of ‘Oloves‘ olives before, including these chilli and oregano ones, and love adding them to my lunches to give a bit extra flavour.



There’s green tea galore in this months box. ‘Teapigs‘ have two products: a matcha green tea drink with elderflower and a little green tea. I really enjoyed the apple matcha green tea drink that previously featured in Sourced Box, but I’m not too sure how I feel about elderflower. I’ll certainly be giving it a try though! The green tea theme continues through the box in the form of a raw matcha bar which I’ll refer to in a bit.



Every so often Sourced Box contribute towards my breakfasts and that’s exactly what they’ve done this month. I can imagine that this salted caramel crumble granola type topper by ‘The Department of Breakfast‘ will go great with yoghurt or maybe even give porridge an extra bit of crunch while these strawberry flavoured dried cranberries and raisins by ‘Clearly Scrumptious‘ will also make a great edition to porridge or any other cereal that needs a bit of extra sweetness.



No Sourced Box is complete without some chocolate related products. This month we’re blessed with three raw chocolate goodies! The first are these raw cookies by ‘iRaw.’ Any kind of healthy alternative to my favourite sweet snacks and desserts are a winner in my book and these cookies made with cashews, coconut and raw cacao sound divine.

Always on the lookout for new raw chocolate brands to try, this months box hooks us up with Goodio. Blueberry flavoured chocolate is something of a rare occurrence so I’m excited to give this a try, especially considering blueberries are my favourite fruit. I’m also a huge fan of the packaging. It looks super fancy! ‘The Pretty Smart Food Co.‘ also keep with the purple packet theme with this cacao & almond rawcha matcha bar. I’m a huge fan of their cacao & gogi flavour (so much so that I just had to buy one of the bars when I went into Planet Organic on my trip to London last month) so I’m certain I’ll love this flavour too.


PRICE OF BOX: £18.95


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