I know this post is later than usual and that’s because I was seriously contemplating not posting this months box at all. Why? Well, I had an unfortunate incident with one of this months products, or so I believe. When I write these posts I want to be 100% true with you guys and so when I say that this box has been my least favourite I want you to know that it’s for good reason and that reason will be explained. However, despite the misfortune surrounding this box I continue to look forward to all future TVK boxes.



Ever since I was little I’ve always hated cream cheese. Any kind of cheese that was overly creamy – whether it be in cheesecakes or in a sauce – has always been a no from me. However, I am always up for trying new things and so decided to give this vegan creamy ‘sheese’ a try before just throwing it away. It’s by the brand ‘Bute Island‘ who I’ve actually tried before. I previously bought a caramelised onion ‘sheese’ when I was at VegFest and I loved it. I tried some on these gluten free cocktail oatcakes by ‘Angelic‘ along with some tomato but as expected I didn’t like it. I suppose when we subscribe to these sorts of boxes there’s bound it be something we don’t like in them at one point. The oatcakes go perfect with some houmous though and if you are a fan of cream cheese (or ‘sheese’) then I’m sure this will be right up your street.



Now onto the product that made me almost throw away this blog post altogether. When I first saw this egg-free omelette mix by ‘Terra Vegane‘ I was very intrigued. I used to eat omelettes growing up all the time and so decided to pay homage to the classic ‘omelette and chips’ meal by making an egg-free omelette and teamed it with some sweet potato fries for dinner one evening. Later on that night though I felt really ill and for a few days after my appetite was zero and I just did not feel like myself. Whether it was because the mix didn’t agree with me (it was the only thing different I ate that day and I very rarely get sick) or something else, I did that thing where you associate a certain food with feeling ill so you’re pretty much put right off it. My parents kindly threw the rest of the mix away and nearly two weeks later the thought of eating it again still makes me want to vomit. However, in saying that I am not going to be so quick to completely dismiss the mixture as I’m sure some people have really enjoyed it but as I said, I want to be completely truthful with you guys. These unboxing posts are like reviews and sometimes those reviews aren’t as positive as you would hope.

Despite this box being my least favourite to date there were a couple of great items including these chickpea puffs by ‘Hippeas.’ I’ve been a fan of this brand for a while now but had never tried the cheese flavour. They were like cheese puffs but made with chickpeas! Super delicious and made a great side to my lunch.



These next two items also proved this months box to not be a complete disappointment. This little sachet of coconut oil by ‘Vita Coco‘ will prove handy as I use coconut oil to make stir fry and sometimes with my healthy baking so this will be put to good use.

You guys know me by now. If there’s one thing I love to find in these subscription boxes it’s anything chocolate related. This month we have a hazelnut nougat bar by ‘Organica.’ TVK describe it as if ‘a Mars bar and a Snickers bar had a vegan baby’ and I could not agree more.



This months non-edible goody is one that will definitely come in handy: a bamboo toothbrush. This brush by ‘Humble Brush‘ is eco-friendly and with every brush that’s bought it helps to fund oral care for a child in need. You can brush your teeth knowing you’ve carried out a good deed! This toothbrush is actually something that I need as I have an electric one which can sometimes be a pain to pack if I’m going away overnight. This little guy will see that my breath is much more fresh the morning after a party!


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)


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