As I write this you would not think it was June. The sky is clouded and the rain is pouring. A contrast to the weather we’ve had over the past couple of weeks. I honestly feel as if our summer has came and went. However, it’s not all doom and gloom and the arrival of this months Sourced Box has brightened up this week significantly.



You should all know by now that I like to incorporate some of the snacks in Sourced Box into my other meals and this month’s box has went overboard on the lunchin’ goodies. If you’re still feeling peckish then these freeze dried strawberries by ‘La Chiva‘ or this salted maple popcorn by ‘nom‘ are a healthy way to satisfy that last bit of hunger. These watermelon seeds by ‘Mello‘ and smokin’ edamame mix by ‘The Food Doctor‘ not only make a great healthy snack but would make a great addition to salads.



This months drink comes in the form of a berry flavoured sparkling energy water by ‘Virtue.’ Sourced Box must have known that I have been craving energy drinks these past few weeks and are trying to encourage me to drink more natural ones rather than Relentless and Red Bull.

Teas seem to be appearing more and more frequently in Sourced Box and where once I would have complained I now welcome them. I’ve been making my way through my herbal tea collection during my break at my volunteering and I only had two left so I’m more than happy to add these to my collection. I’ve actually tried both of these teas by ‘T+‘ before and out of all the herbal tea brands I’ve tried, these ‘smarter teas’ have been my favourite.



No box is complete without at least one ‘healthy’ indulgent item. This month we have two. I’m really excited to try these chocolate & salted caramel pudding bites by ‘Saf Raw.’ They look divine!

Of course a chocolate bar is always needed and this month we have a strawberry mylk bar by ‘Ombar.’ I’m a huge fan of ‘Ombar’ and have loved everything I’ve tried from them so far so I’m looking forward to devouring this one evening.



If you’re looking for an extra boost of protein this month then look no further. With a bit of an orange theme going on, Sourced Box have included one of the ‘Pulsin’‘ protein bars. They included the vanilla one in a box a few months back which I loved so despite my love/hate relationship with orange chocolate flavoured things, I’m looking forward to trying this one.

This final product had me in complete awe. Nut butter with a straw?! I don’t know whether this is weird or life changing. This will actually be quite handy since I’m going away three times over the next month. I’d rather not have to pack a jar of nut butter with me so this almond & maca butter by ‘Mindful Bites‘ will be great to take along with my sachets of ‘Pip & Nut’ peanut butter that I’ve bought.


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