This months ‘The Vegan Kind‘ box has to be one of my favourites. The July box is packed full with goodies ranging from gummy bears to a chocolate croissant. There’s definitely something for everyone.



My favourite thing about ‘The Vegan Kind’ is that not only are you provided with delicious snacks, but you also sometimes receive a full size product. This month we have another one of ‘Bute Island’s‘ spreadable vegan cheeses. I tend not to like spreadable cheese and was not a fan of the cream cheese that was in ‘TVK’ a few months ago. However, I’ll still give this one a shot as it’s a cheddar style spread. I can imagine this would make a great lunch spread on some crackers or oat cakes.

If you’re still feeling peckish after lunch, why not try these as a little extra? So far these cheese & onion lentil puffs by ‘Super Moons‘ are the only thing I’ve tried in the box and I loved them! We also have one of my favourite brands ‘Ape‘ making a return. I’m a huge fan of their coconut bites but have yet to have the sesame seed ones so I’m really looking forward to giving these a try.



This month we have a drink by ‘The Feel Good Drinks Co‘. This orange & mango water drink is 100% natural with no added sugar. Stick it in the fridge and it’s perfect for a warm summer’s day. ‘TVK’ are also giving subscribers a little trial pack of vegan vitamins by ‘VITL‘. There’s no excuses for not feeling good with this months box.



What is life without those foods that may not be so good for us but taste delicious? I was incredibly excited to discover this vegan chocolate croissant in this months box. It’s by the brand ‘Free From Italy‘ and is filled with chocolate cream. Perfect for an indulgent breakfast on the go!

One of my favourite brands that TVK have introduced me to are ‘The Foods of Athenry‘ and they have returned this month with this caramel rocky road bar. It looks a bit like something my Mum used to always bake so I can’t wait to tuck right on into this. If you’re not so much a chocolate person but more of gummy sweet lover then fear not! This months box also includes a packet of vegan gummy bears by ‘Jealous Sweets.’


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)


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