Sourced Box may be slightly slacking in the chocolate department this month but that does not mean that it is slacking in the snacking department. Among the likes is watermelon water, a beetroot bar and even chewing gum.



These days it’s fairly easy to replace some of your day-to-day food with a slightly healthier, more natural alternative. Sourced Box is always fantastic at introducing such brands. This month we have an alternative to gummy sweets and chewing gum. These double fruit twists by ‘Gregory’s Tree‘ are a bit like Twizzlers but hey’re made with organic fruit and contain one of your five-a-day!

I never thought I’d see a packet of ‘natural’ chewing gum yet here we are! I’ve actually tried this lemon flavoured gum by ‘Chewsy‘ before as it featured in a ‘The Vegan Kind‘ box a couple of months ago. I will admit that it isn’t the best chewing gum if you’re wanting the flavour to last. The lemon taste disappears after a few seconds but if you’re just looking to get rid of an aftertaste then it does the trick!



I don’t know what I would do without a stash of healthy snacks to keep me going throughout the month. The newest additions to my collection come from two returning brands: ‘The Protein Ball Co.‘ and ‘The Food Doctor‘ and a new to Sourced Box brand: ‘Bio Style.’ I was super excited to see the return of ‘The Protein Ball Co.’ I’m a huge fan of their protein balls. I’ve tried the lemon & pistachio flavour before and can confirm that they are delicious. Two things I haven’t tried before though are these sunny lucuma bites and this beetroot & walnut bar. The lucuma bites look like they might be fairly similar to the munchies by ‘Raw Gorilla‘ while the bar seems like your average raw bar made with good-for-you ingredients. Don’t let the beetroot put you off! I’ve had a raw bar with beetroot in before and it mostly just gives it a bit of a pinky purple tint!



It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the year but especially during the warmer months. This month, Sourced Box have hooked us up with some watermelon water by ‘Water Works.’ This is a little bit different to the watermelon water that ‘What a Melon‘ make as this one also has a bit of cranberry juice in it. It also counts as one of your 5-a-day! As always we also have another tea. This month we’ve got an apple strudel green tea by ‘Hoogly.’ It sounds like it might be a little taste of autumn.



The August box is a good one for coconut lovers like myself! We have the return of ‘Mighty Bee’s‘ coconut jerky and this time it’s in the sweeter flavour of chocolate & hazelnut. I’ve actually tried this flavour before and I much prefer it to the spicy BBQ flavour that featured in Sourced Box over a year ago now.

Another one of my favourite brands is also included this month. I’m a huge lover of ‘Ape’s‘ coconut curls and coconut bites and these sesame seed ones are fabulous! The sesame gives them a little bit of a different and unique savoury flavour.



The last two products are ones that I will most likely have as part of my lunch. I’ve loved adding the previously included ‘Wyldsson‘ seed & nut mixes into my rice salads and so am looking forward to trying out these chilli ones. We also have these raw crackers by ‘iRaw.’ They are Italian inspired and flavoured with herbs and sundried tomatoes. I imagine they will taste divine dipped in houmous!


PRICE OF BOX: £18.95 (£15.95 with friend referral!)


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