I was thoroughly impressed with this month’s ‘The Vegan Kind‘ box. It’s packed full with brands that I’m already a huge fan of including ‘Sweet Freedom‘ and ‘Emily’s Crisps.’ Let’s dive right in.



Another tea to add to my collection, the August box sees a summery super berry tea by ‘We Are Tea.’ It contains red berries, hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces & orange peel. It sounds like a fruity delight and that’s coming from someone who is never usually fussed with herbal tea. We also have a protein superfood smoothie in the flavour mango & banana. It’s by ‘PHD Nutrition‘ who specialise in supplements aimed at those active individuals. I may not be into fitness but I’ll still give this a try. I’ll most likely try it when hungover and help give my body a boost of nutrition after a night of intoxication.



I was so happy to see a packet of these sweet potato, carrot & beetroot crisps by ‘Emily’s Crisps‘ in this months box. A few months ago I won a few packets of every kind of their fruit & veg crisps in the range and these were one of my favourites. I actually prefer them to normal crisps! As one of your 5-a-day you can’t really go wrong.



There’s not a time when I don’t have a product by ‘Sweet Freedom‘ in my cupboard. I always use their liquid chocolate on my porridge. As soon as I start to run out of it I have to get a new bottle ASAP. I had yet to try their recently launched chocolate spread so I was beyond delighted to find it in the August box. I haven’t tried it yet but I can imagine it will be fairly similar to the liquid chocolate but with a much more thicker, more spreadable consistency. The best part is that it’s much better for you than your standard chocolate spread!



Of course the box is not complete without some snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are two brands that I’ve tried before and absolutely adore. The first is ‘Candy Kittens.’ You cannot get a brand that make cuter sweets than these guys! These are little ‘sweet peach‘ fizzy sweets. I actually saw them in Sainsbury’s not that long ago and thought they sounded nice so am happy that I get the chance to try them.

If you’re more of a chocolate person then do not fret! We also have a bar of chocolate goodness by ‘Almighty Foods.’ They recently had a product makeover as when I had tried a few bars of theirs a few months ago they were a completely different shape. This is their strawberry blonde bar which I haven’t tried but considering how much I liked some of their other flavours I do not doubt that it will be delicious.



This months non-edible product is this activated charcoal deodorant balm by ‘Native Unearthed.’ These natural deodorants are meant to be much better for your skin and also the environment yet I’ve always felt reluctant to try them. Just how well do they work? Well, now I have no excuse not to at least try it out.


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)


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