September has arrived and I am about to start my second year of university. This month’s ‘The Vegan Kind‘ box has arrived just in time to start fueling me for the long hours of study and essay writing ahead and it’s a good ‘un.



This month we have two savoury snacks that will give you that extra bit of sustenance at lunchtime. The first are these sea salt & black pepper ‘Popchips.’ Unlike your standard crisps, these are popped instead of fried so are slightly better for you. I actually tried these yesterday and they were pretty damn good and incredibly moreish. We also have this packet of curry flavoured chickpeas by ‘Cheeky P’s.’ I’m a huge fan of chickpeas in general but roasted chickpeas are honestly the best. With a bit of a crunch they are another snack that are incredibly moreish and packed full with protein and fibre.



I was so excited to find this white chocolate macadamia cookie by ‘Lenny & Larry’s‘ in this month’s box. I was a huge fan of the birthday cake cookie when I recieved it in my first ever Vegan Kind box so I have no doubt that this will be just as delicious. These cookies make a great alternative to the real deal, packed with 16g protein in each cookie without sabotaging the taste.



I could have cried tears of joy when I found these salted maca caramel biccy boms by ‘Livia’s Kitchen‘ in the box. I’m a huge fan of her raw millionaire bites and have wanted to try these ever since they first came out earlier this year. I’ve already tried them and can confirm that they did not disappoint. They’re made with all good-for-you ingredients yet still have that taste of indulgence. I highly recommend these to anyone!

Keeping on with the chocolate trend we also have this chocolate vanilla plant protein powder by ‘Raw Sport.’ I’ve never been one to have protein powders but I won’t say no to giving this a try.



Whenever I have weetabix for breakfast I tend to put either honey (I’m not actually vegan) or agave nectar on it. I was beginning to run out of the latter but ‘TVK’ have saved me from having to go out and buy some more by providing me with some date nectar by ‘Beloved.’ I’ve never tried date nectar before but since I like dates I’m sure I will enjoy this with my future breakfasts.

Finally, the non-food item this month is this natural bodywash by ‘Green Frog.’ This one is in geranium and peppermint and it doesn’t smell too bad. Not the best scent but I sure will be using this once I’ve ran out of my current body wash. It’s 100% plant based and its key ingredient, Soapberry, helps to treat sensitive skin & eczema.


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)


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