September has arrived and I am about to start my second year of university. This month’s ‘The Vegan Kind‘ box has arrived just in time to start fueling me for the long hours of study and essay writing ahead and it’s a good ‘un.


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I think it goes without saying that any TV show or film based around a mental health problem will be in some way controversial. There will never be one that everyone is 100% happy with. This is of course understandable considering mental health is a very sensitive and personal subject for the majority of the population.

When I first heard about ‘To The Bone’ it was only natural that I be curious and want to watch it myself. As someone who is now in a good place mentally and mostly recovered from anorexia I am always intrigued by any form of media that portrays the disorder. I’m a full supporter of anything that can help raise more awareness of eating disorders and anything that can help remove the stigma that is still seen today.

For me, ‘To The Bone’ was a mixed bag. There were a few things that they got right and a fair amount that maybe weren’t so right.



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This month’s Sourced Box is packed full with a mix of familiar and not-so-familiar brands to keep you going through the hot summer weather (although us Scots may beg to differ on the hot front). In July’s box we’ve got a bit of everything from granola to raw chocolate to fruit crisps so without further ado let’s dive right in.


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As I write this you would not think it was June. The sky is clouded and the rain is pouring. A contrast to the weather we’ve had over the past couple of weeks. I honestly feel as if our summer has came and went. However, it’s not all doom and gloom and the arrival of this months Sourced Box has brightened up this week significantly.


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I know this post is later than usual and that’s because I was seriously contemplating not posting this months box at all. Why? Well, I had an unfortunate incident with one of this months products, or so I believe. When I write these posts I want to be 100% true with you guys and so when I say that this box has been my least favourite I want you to know that it’s for good reason and that reason will be explained. However, despite the misfortune surrounding this box I continue to look forward to all future TVK boxes.


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