It might sound ridiculous but I think I have a fear of hunger. Go back three years ago and it was a fear of food itself. I like to think of this as the perfect example as to how eating problems can linger for years and how once you overcome one obstacle, another arises. Well, to this obstacle i’m saying enough is enough. I want to be able to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied and comfortably full. I want to not have to bring a stash of snacks with me wherever I go and not plan the days events around my meals. I’m hoping this post will not only potentially help others recognise their own fear of feeling hungry, but will also encourage me to get my butt in gear and give this intuitive eating malarkey a go for real.

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Mental illness. A taboo subject but something that effects most, if not the whole, of the population. I’ve been very open with my struggles with eating and yes, 9 times out of 10 I try to be positive and give my best advice to those who are struggling with similar issues. What I rarely touch on are the struggles that I continue to face on a daily basis. Every so often I’ll address an issue I’ve been trying to tackle but I want to emphasise just what living with a mental illness is like and put some reassurance in some of you that may feel as if you’re the only one ‘not getting better.’

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For many 2016 was one hell of a rubbish year. Things could not be more different for me. 2016 was by far the best year of my life for multiple reasons and I thought I would sum up just a few on here.

I also made a video reflecting on the past 12 months and talking about my goals for 2017 which I will link at the end.

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Call me self-obsessed if you will, but one of my favourite things to do is answer questions about myself. I love taking random quizzes and surveys that I find on the internet (I LIVE for Buzzfeed quizzes). As I’m sitting here feeling ‘slightly fragile’ from the night before I wanted today’s blog post to be quick & easy, so I thought I would answer from food related questions. And please, feel free to leave your own answers in the comments!

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I say it time and time again, but I consider myself the snacking queen. I cannot go a day without having a few snacks inbetween meals. One of my go-to snacks are snack bars. Not only are they delicious but they’re also super convenient as you can just throw them in your bag and are easy to eat on the go. Over the past year I’ve discovered so many amazing brands and I’ve decided that it’s time to share them with you.

It’s time to banish those hunger pains.


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This morning I opened up the Timehop app prepared to read whatever embarrassing things I was saying 5 years ago but instead was greeted with a pleasant surprise. This time last year I reached the healthy weight range for the first time in about two years. Yes, I still wasn’t 100% healthy but it was still an important part of my recovery process.


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Today I wanted to talk about something that isn’t at all food related. I know that this blog is primarily a platform for me to express my love for food and balance, but sometimes I want to share with you what else is going on in my life.

This week I said goodbye to my very lengthy summer holidays and said hello to a whole new place – university. In school I was never overly fussed about going to uni. I planned on going to college to study childcare and become a nursery teacher. Like many though, my plans changed and I found myself leaving the course behind and going on to study media. Two years later I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom having just completed a three day uni induction. The future is certainly unpredictable.

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It’s no secret that I’m a foodie. This blog and my Instagram both play a big part in my life and allow me to share my passion for healthy eating. However, there is much more to me than just my love affair with food. Having had this blog for a few months now, I’ve came to realise that unless you watch my videos on YouTube you may not know that much about me. Well, the time has come for that to change. Here’s a few things that will allow you to get to know me a little better.

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I love music. It’s one of the few things that has remained a constant in my life through both the good times and the bad. There is nothing I love more than finding a song that either has a super catchy beat or is made up of lyrics that I can 100% relate to. It’s natural for us to lean towards songs that we can connect with and in recovery, music can provide us both with motivation and as an outlet to help express our feelings.

I’ve decided to share my own ‘recovery playlist’ in hope that I can make any of you who are currently struggling’s lives that bit better.


This is one of those songs that can instantly lift my spirits and give me that extra push of motivation when I’m feeling down and defeated. The lyrics are fairly self explanatory and you can relate it to many situations whether it be mental illness or if you’re just feeling a bit lost. The lyric that has always stood out to me the most is “Who is this monster wearing my skin?” When you’re in the grasp of any mental illness it feels like a completely different person has taken over you. This song is a reminder that you can kick ass and overcome your struggles.

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