This month’s Sourced Box is packed full with a mix of familiar and not-so-familiar brands to keep you going through the hot summer weather (although us Scots may beg to differ on the hot front). In July’s box we’ve got a bit of everything from granola to raw chocolate to fruit crisps so without further ado let’s dive right in.


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With less than a month to go it’s time to start thinking about what advent calendar to get this year. Long gone are the days of your only options being Cadbury’s or character based with the not-so-great-but-tastes-like-advent-calendar-chocolate. These days you can get an advent calendar for absolutely anything. From candles to make-up to whiskey (yep, that’s a real one), you’re bound to find one that takes your fancy.

If you’re into healthy living then have I got a treat for you. I’ve found a number of healthier/vegan alternatives to the standard advent calendar so you now have no reason not to join in with the festivities.


When I first heard about this I was beyond excited. So excited that I ended up pre-ordering one at the beginning of September! We all know I’m a sucker for raw snack bars and the Primal Pantry are one of my favourite snack brands so this advent calendar is right up my street. 24 of the standard sized bars in one huge calendar. It includes a variety of all 7 flavours including their two new protein bars which I’ve yet to try myself. It may seem a little excessive especially when you look at the price, but if you’re into your healthy snacks like me and can afford it I reckon it’s going to be worth it.



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