I’m always looking for inspiration when it comes to healthy living and this year a lot of that inspiration has came from Madeleine Shaw. Madeleine is a blogger, YouTuber and entrepreneur whose food philosophy is “all about enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you. It’s about keeping things simple and delicious so you don’t feel bored or deprived.” Having experienced a period of time filled with deprivation and binging, she has since found a love of “positive nourishment.”



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One of my favourite blog posts to read and YouTube videos to watch are those ‘What I Eat In a Day’ ones. So, I thought I would join onto the bandwagon. Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing with you everything that I have eaten on that day – or a day prior to it – showing you that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. It’s probably the only reason I’m a morning person. It’s the spring break so I got up at the slightly later time of 8am – that’s late for me – and went for one of my favourite brekkie combos: weetabix with banana & honey. I’ll admit I’m a bit late to the honey game as I only tried it for the first time a couple of months ago but now I can’t imagine the food cupboards without it. I use Rowse honey. What’s great about this brand is that they’re the primary sponsor of the Sussex Plan for Honey Bee Health & Well-Being. This honey not only tastes great but you’re also helping out to save the bees. A coffee is also always a must have in the morning.


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